Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 52
2004-03-28 発行

『捷解新語』のエ段音表記について : 原刊本の「-jɔi」・「-jɔ」表記を中心として

On the e-column orthography of the "Ch' ŏp hae shin ŏ" : Focusing on the「jɔi」and「jɔ」orthography in the original version
Lee, Dong-Wook
The interpretation on the Japanese e-column orthography 「-jɔi」 and 「-jɔ」 in the "Ch'ŏp hae shin ŏ" doesn't go beyond a hypothesis and the opinions vary from scholar to scholar. This paper is a proposal to the existing various explanations on the e-column orthography, in which I will try to give proof for the hypothesis that "the orthography of 「-jɔi」 and 「-jɔ」in the "Ch'ŏp hae shin ŏ" shows that the e-column of the Japanese language of that time existed in two parallel forms 「-jɔi」 and [-e] ". I searched for theoretical evidence for this hypothesis in the manner of orthography in the transcript of "Sa yŏk won", the 「-jɔi」 and 「-jɔ」 orthogaphy for 「ne」 in the "Ch'ŏp hae shin ŏ" (original), the manner of correction for the 「-jɔi」 and 「-jɔ」 orthography in the correction process, the e-column orthography in "Wae ŏ ryu hae" etc.
Ch' ŏp hae shin ŏ
Wae ŏ ryu hae
e-column orthography