Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 52
2004-03-28 発行

理想的な英語教師像に関する実証的研究 : 普通科高校生と中学生の比較を通して

An Empirical Study on Professional Skills of English Teachers in High Schools
Hosaka, Yoshio
The objective of this research is to clarify, in an empirical manner, what outstanding high school English teachers are like. First, 296 data samples were collected from students of an average academic level high school, by using questionnaires on a 5- likert scale. An exploratory factor analysis yielded six important factors. Then a three-way analysis of variance was performed where each factor score was a dependent variable and the attributes (grade or interest, score, and gender) of the subjects (the high school students) were independent variables. Next, 345 data samples from junior high school students were also collected, by using the same questionnaires. The data was analyzed in the same manner. Eight factors were singled out. In the end the results were analyzed in a comparative manner. The comparative study yielded five findings, including four differences ((1)-(4)) and one similarity ((5)) between the two. (1) Junior high school students have a wider range of perception on what constitutes an outstanding English teacher. (2) Junior high school students regard personal factors of English teachers more important. (3) Junior high school students hold higher regard for teachers' proficiency in English and want them to use that proficiency in class. (4) More attention should be paid to the first year junior high school students and the second and third year senior high school students. (5) Both junior high and senior high school students prefer English teachers who give good lessons to ensure their success in entrance exams.
comparative study
(junior) high school students
factor analysis
outstanding English teachers