Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 52
2004-03-28 発行

多文化的構築主義に基づく社会科教育内容編成の原理 : 文化相対主義の課題の克服

The theory of material construction in Social Studies based on Multicultural Reconstructionism : In order to overcome the faults of Multicultural Education based on Cultural Relativism
Watanabe, Tatsuya
The aim of this paper is to consider how to deal with the conflicts of cultural values in Social Studies lessons to defeat the faults of Cultural Relativism by researching and comparing the texts edited by Multicultural Reconstructionist in U.S.A. This paper investigated the mechanism of the textbook based on Cultural Relativism, and showed that the Cultural Learning based on Cultural Relativism has three faults. These are (1) heavy contents, (2) not overcoming the western cultural centric view, and (3) teaching stereotype image of the area. In order to overcome them, the text edited by Multicultural Reconstructionist had two kind of approach. One is "Comparing and Evaluating Cultural Values" approach, and the other is "Participating the Discussion of the Affairs caused by Cultural Conflicts" approach. This paper attempted to investigated and compared the mechanism of these two, and concluded that the latter is able to overcome these three faults all.
Multicultural Education
Multicultural Reconstructionist
Cultural Relativism