Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 51
2003-03-28 発行


Properties of Matter of Awa Textile from Linden Bark
Miyamoto, Shiori
Yamashita, Sonomi
The fabric structure, the mechanical properties and the sanitary properties of Awa textile from linden bark were compared with those of shirting and linen cloth. The form of fiber of weaving yarns of Awa textile from linden bark was observed by a scanning electron microscope. The change in whiteness of Awa textile with washing times through colorimetry. The results obtained were as followed. 1) Awa textile resembled linen cloth in the fiber surface and shirting in the fiber cross section. But the lumen was not recognized to the fiber of Awa textile. 2) Awa textile was thicker, heavier and coarser than shirting and linen cloth. 3) The bending rigidity and breaking strength of Awa textile were bigger than those of shirting and linen cloth. 4) The thermal insulation property, moisture permeability and air permeability of Awa textile were superior to those of shirting and linen cloth but the water absorption was inferior. 5) Awa textile became white with increase of wash frequency.
Awa textile from linden bark
fabric structure
mechanical property
sanitary property