Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 51
2003-03-28 発行


A study on house move conditions and its evaluation
Iwashige, Hirofumi
Most of Japanese family want to live in thier own house. But it is very difficult to obtain their own house for younger family because of the social financial conditions today. On the other hand, every family at each life stage has their housing requirements for their life comfortable. It will change gradually for every life stage. The house move is one of the easy methods to clear up the housing requirements of a family. This study was held by questionnaires. The questionnairing was conducted on 100 detached house families and 83 condominium families. From the above results, the increase of house move times makes many house owners, who lived in rental house before. The most popular requirements by which they want to house move are (1) the large space and many rooms in his house, (2) the convenience to go to his office or school. The requirements for ideal house to move into are the good environment conditions of inside and outside of a house for their healthy and comfortable life. The number of requirement to move into detached house is more than that of condominium. In the case of comdominium, it is not so easy to clear up the housing equirements. In a group of under 40 years old, the housing requirement difference between the ideal house and the house inwhich they live now, is very large. So, it is a good reason to house move for them. In a group of over 40 years old, they want to make the open space for their hobby, and to arrange the house equipments to make their house comfortable for their future life. But, if it still remains the problem, we have to find suitable house move for each life stage.
House move
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