Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 51
2003-03-28 発行

中高齢期における運動・スポーツ活動に関する研究(2) : 学齢期の運動部活動との関連性に着目して

A Research of The Exercise and Sports of The Eldery People (2) : Revolving around relations with extra-curricular sports club activities of school age
Watanabe, Kazuhiko
The purpose of this research is to explore the consciousness on health, exercise and sports in order to understand the actual condition, revolving around relations with extra-curricular sports club activities of school age. The objects of this research (182 sheets) are the eldery people from 40s to 70s. The results of this research are as follows: 1. The number of people of experience of extra-curricular sports club is 84(46.2%), and non-experience is 98(53.8%). 2. The people of experience join to exercise and sports more frequently, because they are influenced upon the conciousness on their will on learning physical education or sports and their skills of school age. 3. The people of non-experience join in order to find out a way to develope the healty life and to communicate with thier friends in the public facilities. Because the consciousness of exercise and sports varies according to their past experiences, not only we must educate to be conscious of health and physical strength for life from childhood, but also offer the various service for the eldery people throughout their life.
the eldery people
exercise and sports
extra-curricular sports club