Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 50
2002-02-28 発行


A consideration on using plan and its evaluation of house garden
Iwashige, Hirofumi
In general, we have some free space out of the house. It makes a kind of space isolation from neighbours, and also an expanded space from living room. There are three kinds of space; an approach from the gate to the entrance, a main garden in front of the living room, and a back yard (or a service yard) near kitchen. In this paper, we discuss about two directions for house entrance. One is the entrance from north street (north entrance), and the other is the entrance from south street (south entrance). In the case of north entrance, there are so many things in the main south garden more than that of south entrance; for example, shed, clothes-drying place, dust tool, bottle, can, trash box, wastebasket, dog house, table, chair, potted plant, flower bed, kitchen garden. In the case of south entrance, there are many similar things in the back yard more than that of north entrance, without dog house, table, chair, and kitchen garden. There are some difference of place where we stand chattting together between two cases of north entrance and south entrance. In the case of south entrance, most of the chat while standing is made on the approach. In the case of north entrance, it is made not only on the approach but also in the main garden and in the back yard. There are some difference about satisfaction factor of their own garden, and about importance factor of their ideal garden concerning the resident year. The impotance factor is larger in the group who lives less than six years, than that of more than six years group. The big difference between the satisfaction factor of their own garden and the importance factor of their ideal garden becomes gradually smaller if they live their house so long.
Main garden
South entrance
North entrance