Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education Issue 50
2002-02-28 発行

東広島市議会の市民代表性 : 30年間の選挙結果、人口統計、面接調査を基にして

Passengers or Children of this University Town? : a Survey Research on the Structural Changes of the Publi and the Higashihiroshima Municipal Assembly
Our university town, Higashihiroshima city, that had been made of 4 villages in 1974, has industrialized and urbanized. But politically she seems more conservative and pastoral, as formerly called `Kingdom of Conservatives', than other cities in Hiroshima Prefecture. So I tested the democratic hypothesis, that every pairliament should reflect the public, according to the election statistics, census, and interview data of some municipal assemblies. As a result, it turned out that the old political structure is maintained in this city, partly because undergraduates and graduates as newcomers have never been mobilized in elections yet. But, the `rejuvenating effect' through elections was found in many cases, as long as the average ages of members of assemblies are fixed at the 50 s year old.
municipal assembly
local election
university town