Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 1, Learning and curriculum development Issue 66
2017-12-22 発行

A Critical Reflection on the Concept of Art and an Innovation of Art Education

This paper aims to reflect the concept of art and propose an innovated idea of art education. The reason why the concept of art should be critically reflected is that our ordinary concept of art only signifies institutionalized “fine arts” nowadays, so that it ideologically inclined to high art based on Eurocentrism. In this paper, the problem of the concept of art was investigated and then the extension of the concept was attempted in three different dimensions. The prototypical meanings of art such as “fine arts as an institution,” “techne,” “mimesis,” “poiesis,” “beauty,” “expression,” and “critique” were pointed out and the new concept of art was defined as an embodiment of the acts of techne, mimesis, and poiesis developed by imagination; beauty and expression blooming in there; the living wisdom rooted in bodily experiences; and the way of life in the field where those important matters are generated. The innovated concept of art education proposed in this paper concerns with the idea that art deeply relates to the construction of the world, others and self. It is closely related with aesthetic education, in which kansei or sensibility connects with human senses and body, furthermore with “reason” as an active human faculty. Without restricting aesthetic education narrowly to the institutionalized fine arts education, a development of a performer of expression is the aim of this art education.
Art Education
Aesthetic Education