Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 1, Learning and curriculum development Issue 66
2017-12-22 発行

広島大学教育学部フレンドシップ事業における目標を意識した継続的な活動による児童の変容 : 主体性,対人関係形成,動機づけの側面から

The Change of Children through the Continuous Activities with Goals in the Friendship Program at Hiroshima University: Focusing on Self-Direction, Friendship-making Skills, and Motivation
The purpose of this study was to clarify the change of children through the continuous activities with goals in the Friendship Program at Hiroshima University. These activities aimed to help children to think and act for themselves and to improve their friendship-making skills. Surveys were conducted before (in June, 2016) and after (in December, 2016) the program in which 73 school children participated. Self- direction and the ability to form friendships were measured by survey before and after the program. The changes in the ability to think and act for oneself and attitudes towards forming relationships, motivation, the goal’s degree of difficulty and specificity, self-efficacy, and relationships with other members were measured via survey after the program. The following results were obtained. 1) The ability to think and act for oneself and attitudes toward forming friendships seemed to improve if motivation was high during the activities. 2) Motivation during the activities tended to be high when the goal was specific and rather difficult, self-efficacy was high, and the relationship was good for communication. 3) Self-direction and the ability to form relationships seemed to improve by engaging in the activities.
continuous activities with a goal
ability to form relationships