Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 1, Learning and curriculum development
Issue 63
Date of Issue:2014-12-19
current number
ISSN : 1346-5546
Publisher : Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
Influences of Two Types of Self-Efficacy on the Teaching Aspirations of Teachers-in-Training : Job-hunting self-efficacy and job self-efficacy
Kodama, Makiko; Hirao, Tomoko;
PP. 1 - 8
An Examination of the Teachers’ Gaze and Self Reflection during Classroom Instruction : Comparison of a veteran teacher and a novice teacher
Arima, Michihisa;
PP. 9 - 17
Development of a Support Tool for Teachers Proficiency in Elementary School Science
Kanazawa, Midori;
PP. 19 - 28
Development of a Program to Shift One’s Viewpoint in Ambiguous Situation
Toda, Mari;
PP. 29 - 37
The Support for a Novice Teacher to Improve Career Guidance by the Counseling Department : A Proposal of New Support Activities for Teachers in Educational Counseling at High School
Morimoto, Atsushi;
PP. 39 - 48
A Study of Documents and Records Concerning Science Education Reform in Postwar Japan (X)
Shiba, Kazumi;
PP. 49 - 58
A Review of and Agendas regarding QOL Assessment for Children with Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities
Ikeda, Satoshi;
PP. 59 - 66
Research on the Development of "Logical Cognition Ability" in Reading Informational Text : Focusing on the Mutually Complementary Relationship between "Logic" and "Meaning and Content" in Practice
Aoyama, Yukinori;
PP. 67 - 75
Examination of the Practice Problem in the Elementary Teacher Education : Competence of teachers and formation of collegiality by “sharing of emotions”
Inada, Yaho;
PP. 77 - 85
Retelling of Stories Read and Space of Argument
Sasahara, Masaki;
PP. 87 - 96
Proposal of a Method of Teaching Material Analysis for Interpreting Logical Text in High School Japanese Classes : Focusing on the thinking process and the purpose of the author
Shinozaki, Yusuke;
PP. 97 - 104
Needs and Possibilities of Rewritten Texts from Japanese School Textbooks : In teaching of the Japanese-language to schoolchildren from non-Japanese backgrounds
Senoo, Tomoaki;
PP. 105 - 113
The Role of School Education to Think from the Structure of Developmental Theory of Kegan : Focus on the national language education for learners who received maltreatment
Hondo, Aoi;
PP. 115 - 124
Challenges and Prospects of Exchange Activities and Collaborative Learning Towards the Construction of Inclusive Education System : Focusing on eff ective methods of collaborative learning in the future
Kawai, Norimune; Nosaki, Hitomi;
PP. 125 - 134