Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 1, Learning and curriculum development Issue 62
2013-12-20 発行

わが国における教員評価研究の課題と展望 : 目標管理におけるソーシャル・サポートの機能に着目して

The Challenges and Perspective about the Studies of Teacher Evaluation in Japan : In view of the functions of social support in management by objectives
Suwa, Hidehiro
The purpose of this paper is to prospect the teacher evaluation research in the future by an overview of previous research on teacher evaluation and social support in the faculty population in Japan. The findings of this study were follows: 1)As criticism of teacher evaluation, a warning against the receptor-penetration of intent and social trends, economic and political, is a question to the problem of evaluation system that does not conform to the characteristics of teaching logic and education. 2)Negative perception of teachers for teacher evaluation is strong in general. 3)As a matter of management by objective, individual teachers, managers - some things surface to focus on the relationship of the faculty is strong, that the job characteristics of teachers, such as collectivity, cooperation has not been based. The main research challenges for the future were follows:1)To clarify the quantitative and qualitative social support functions that management by objectives have. 2)In order to find the factors which promote social support functions of management by objectives performing case studies ongoing.
teacher evaluation
management by objectives
social support