Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 1, Learning and curriculum development Issue 61
2012-12-21 発行


Music Expression of the Website “Your secret pleasure of music"
“Your secret pleasure of music" established in December 2007 is part of my website which has continued to run to the present. It was created to introduce various personal and pleasurable musical experiences encountered in our daily life that are sent to me by readers. Topics include: “listening to the sound of fingers crushing egg shells very close to the ear", “vocalizing against fans" or “walking over leaves". After reading and analyzing each of the reader's pieces, I discovered some interesting parallels with the expression of some pieces of experimental music and works in the field of sound art. In this thesis, I insist that some of these pieces on this website could be positioned as true musical expression by indicating common points between these pieces and the expression in some pieces of experimental music and works in the field of sound art with some reference to the works of John Cage, Akio Suzuki, Yoko Ono and others. In addition, they offer plenty of hints or starting points for new musical expressions and many potential possibilities in the field of education as well.
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