Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 1, Learning and curriculum development Issue 61
2012-12-21 発行

児童生徒への質問紙作成に関する注意点 : しなやかさ尺度の評定カテゴリー数からの検討

Some Remarks on Construction of Survey Questionnaire for Children and Youth : in The Case of Character Strengths Scales Called Shinayakasa.
Imura, Tomoya
We often use questionnaire, for example to identify the developmental changes, to estimate school programs and to develop assessments in children and youth et al. In the developmental research until preschoolers, we traditionally use some kinds of observation methods because participants cannot read questionnaires. However, we do not well what kind of scales are better for school children who have poor ability to read them. We need to discusses more what kinds of questionnaires are proper for school children. The purpose of this study was to find the proper category range about the scales of character strengths called Shinayakasa (Imura, Aoki and Nonaka, 2012). We compared four point scales and five point scales about it. Participants were nine hundred and fifty children from the fourth grade and the six grade in elementary schools and four hundred and one students from the eighth grade in middle schools in four point scale. And one hundred sixty seven children from the fourth grade to the six grade in elementary schools and two hundred fifty nine students from the eighth grade in middle schools in five point scale. We examined the differences in three standpoints; the structure of factor analysis, coefficient alpha in each factor and the effects to other three scales (life satisfaction, hope and social supports) by path analyses. As the results, we did not find the meaning differences with comparing them. We discussed the factors about proper questionnaires for school children.
survey questionnaire
children and youth
category range