Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 1, Learning and curriculum development Issue 60
2011-12-22 発行

アンサンブル作品《ことばの遊びII》の学習材としての意義 : 即興表現と演奏行為に着目して

Educational Relevance of Using the Composition "Word Play II" as Learning Material : With a focus on improvisational expression and performing activities
In 2011, I composed "Word Play II" a composition which includes elements of improvisation and game activities. I felt it could be useful not only as a concert piece, but also as learning material in elementary school, junior high school and other education institutions because the composition encourages performers to make instant decisions involving improvisation and prompts them to observe and reflect on the performing activity itself. In the first chapter, I outline the piece "Word Play II". In the second chapter I explain the features of the piece, the compositional intention, and the music background. In the third chapter I consider the educational relevance of the composition based on the contents of the first and second chapters.
performing activities
learning material
educational relevance
theater piece