Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 1, Learning and curriculum development Issue 58
2009-12-25 発行

小学校教員養成における運動指導の力量形成に関する研究 : 逆上がりの観察内容の変化を通して

A Study on Improvement of Physical Education Classes for Professional Development in the Primary Teacher Training Course : Focusing on movement observation about the forward upward circling
Murai, Jun
This study aimed to examine teaching method of the physical education class for understanding the main points of motor skills in playing the forward upward circling on the low horizontal bar for fourth-grade students in the primary school teacher training course of the A University as the pedagogy class for physical education. At first, the preservice students observed the movie concerning the correct movement of forward upward circling and described the detail of the movement process. This observation task was taken before and after teaching exercises in regard to low horizontal bar. Secondly, we divided those descriptions which the students wrote as the process of forward upward circling into four categories that have categorized from prior studies. Those four categories about motor skills of forward upward circling consist of (1) "decrease angle of shoulder", (2) "backward circling", (3) "lift up the center of gravity", (4) "control of circling". Finally, we summed up the number of each description concerning four categories of those motor skills, and compared the number of pre descriptions with post ones and examined the change of student's understanding. And we examined teaching method of the class from the view point of understanding the main points of motor skills for playing forward upward circling on the low horizontal bar. The main findings were as follows: It seems that we should teach "decrease angle of shoulder" for all pre-service students, teach especially "backward circling" for high performers and "control of circling" for low performers.
initial teacher training
physical education
forward upward circling