Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 1, Learning and curriculum development Issue 58
2009-12-25 発行

授業実践場面におけるダイナミック・アセスメントの効果に関する研究 : 小学校第6学年「水溶液の性質」における知識再生力, 知識表現力の育成について

A Study on Dynamic Assessment to Improve Knowledge Recall and Knowledge Construction : The repetition guidance to improve the knowledge recall and knowledge construction of sixth grade elementary school pupils in the topic "The properties of aqueous solutions"
Teramoto, Takahiro
The purpose of this research is to find out if "Dynamic Assessment" improves knowledge recall and knowledge construction. The science topic, "Properties of Aqueous Solutions", which is taught in the sixth grade of an elementary school, is used as a subject matter for the assessment. In "Dynamic Assessment" is used and which requires the teacher to give immediate feedback and explanation to the answers given by pupils. The research is carried out with an experimental group using "Dynamic Assessment" and a control group where the teacher returns the tests with only indications of whether answers are true or false. A post-test is conducted to measure if there was any difference in the knowledge recall ability and knowledge construction of pupils in these two groups. In addition, the pupils are classified based on their performance in knowledge recall and knowledge construction in the pre-test. The effectiveness of the "Dynamic Assessment" in the different groups is also considered. Results show that "Dynamic Assessment" 1) is effective in improving knowledge construction, and 2) improves the performance in questions that test knowledge construction in the group that has a higher and lower knowledge construction.
dynamic assessment
elementaary school children
science education
knowledge recalled
knowledge construction