Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 1, Learning and curriculum development
Issue 58
Date of Issue:2009-12-25
current number
ISSN : 1346-5546
Publisher : Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
Tanahashi, Kenji;
The Relation between Playing Time of Games and Emotions, in Fifth Grade Students : Comparing with the children in China including the factor of friends to play with together after school
Aoki, Tazuko; Gong, Xiaoyun; Nakamura, Sou;
PP. 19 - 23
What is "Handling Difficulty Students" for School Teachers? : Throughout interpretation of text questionnaires by text mining
Aoki, Tazuko; Ogawa, Kyoko;
PP. 25 - 32
A Study on the Early Education of the Infant : Focus on the position of Bruner's theory in early childhood education
Imai, Yasuharu;
PP. 33 - 38
Effectiveness of Using a Portable Video Game for Promoting Healthy Dietary Behavior among College Students
Shiba, Eri;
PP. 39 - 46
Psychoeducational Support for a School Child with Math Problems
Takahashi, Tomoko; Oka, Naoki;
PP. 47 - 55
A Study on Dynamic Assessment to Improve Knowledge Recall and Knowledge Construction : The repetition guidance to improve the knowledge recall and knowledge construction of sixth grade elementary school pupils in the topic "The properties of aqueous solutions"
Teramoto, Takahiro;
PP. 57 - 64
Development of Peace Image Scale
Nonaka, Youichirou; Ashida, Chie; Ishii, Shinji;
PP. 65 - 71
University Students' Self-cognition about their Developmental Changes in Self-regulation : Self-evaluation of self-assertion and self-inhibition from infancy to youth
Maruyama-Yamamoto, Aiko;
PP. 73 - 80
The Possibility on the Methods of Coordination between School and Families in Nutrition Education of the Homemaking in Elementary School
Ito, Keiko; Nakashima, Shoko;
PP. 81 - 88
A Study of Documents and Records Concerning Science Education Reform in Postwar Japan (V)
Shiba, Kazumi;
PP. 89 - 98
A Study on Art Education Theory of F. W. Parker and the Practical Development
Nakamura, Kazuyo;
PP. 107 - 114
Development of the Students' Interaction in the Science Class : Focusing on the effect of "Free time"
Sanda, Koji;
PP. 115 - 123
A Study on Improvement of Physical Education Classes for Professional Development in the Primary Teacher Training Course : Focusing on movement observation about the forward upward circling
Murai, Jun;
PP. 125 - 133
A Study of Taiwan's Literature Education in a Teacher Education Course : Focus on lesson plans
Yu, Liangyin;
PP. 135 - 142
Multiple Curriculums Corresponding to Individual Educational Needs in Special Schools for Children with Postural-Motor Disordres
Kifune, Noriyuki;
PP. 143 - 149
Thoughts on the Braille Problems in National Scholarship Surveys : Considerations in the preparation of braille problems
Mutaguchi, Tatsumi;
PP. 151 - 158
Presentation Methods of Example Sentences in Learning of Unknown Words
Oka, Naoki; Kiriki, Kenshi; Iha, Nozomi;
PP. 169 - 173