Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 1, Learning and curriculum development Issue 57
2008-12-26 発行

中国古代における障害者福祉思想の形成とその特徴に関する一研究 : 律令による障害者規定までの古代福祉思想をめぐって

The Formation and Characteristics of Welfare Philosophy in Ancient China : Ancient welfare philosophy until the times with laws for persons with disabilities
Xiao, Fang
The main subject of this paper was discussed the formation process of Philosophy about the welfare for persons with disabilities in the time of ancient China "Tang" based on the history data. The formation process of legal codes in ancient China and Japan(RITSURYOU) about the welfare was divided into four stages: "The term of the dawn time of regulation for persons with disabilities, the term of concrete image about the policy and the term of establishment of the primitive welfare system". Furthermore, it was also discussed about the feature of philosophy of the welfare for persons with disabilities in ancient China and the difference from philosophies of the welfare in present European and American.
ancient China
persons with disabilities
welfare philosophy