Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 1, Learning and curriculum development Issue 57
2008-12-26 発行

特別支援学校のセンター的機能 : ネットワークの形成

The Functions of Local Special Education Center of Special Schools : Organization of networks
Kifune, Noriyuki
Goto, Hiroshi
Ohira, Dan
Ishizaka, Ikuyo
Ohta, Tomio
Notomi, Keiko
In School Education Act (2008), special schools are required to support the special education in regular schools in the community. This support function is called "the functions of local special education center" of special schools. The purpose of this study was to show an example of "the functions of local special education center", to make guidelines clear to develop the functions of local special education center through the qualitative analysis on the practices of a special school in the South of Fukuoka Prefecture. The practices are for example, responding to needs of a person with disabilities for supporting social community life and cooperating on a person with disabilities between local regular schools and the special school. The practices showed that organization of local networks among parents, schools and dministrative offices were necessary to function effectively as local special education center. And two guidelines, as follows, to organize networks were also showed. At first, it was available to develop networks among parents, school and administrative offices based on school events. Second, it was also available that personal private network of zealous school teachers cooperated with official network to develop the function -- as local special education center. The former is top-down system and the latter is bottom-up, -- so-called grass-roots, both are complementarily important to accomplish the final purpose to make the person with disabilities belong to their community.
functions of local special education center
private (personal) network
official network