Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 1, Learning and curriculum development Issue 57
2008-12-26 発行

教員養成段階で行う体育の模擬授業の効果に関する事例研究 : テスト映像を視聴した学生が気づいた体育授業の要素

A Case Study on the Effectiveness of the Trial Teaching in Physical Education for the Initial Teacher Training : The elements that students find out through watching the film of teaching in physical education
Hino, Katuhiro
Yonemura, Kohei
Tokunaga, Ryuji
Matuda, Keizi
This study aims to propose the outline of the elements which students find out by watching the test film of physical education teaching after experiences of their trial teaching. The test film was developed by us and consisted of two students' trial physical education teaching on gymnastics. The results are summarised as follows. 1. The outline was consisted of the four upper categories "Performance of teaching", "Planning of teaching", "Environment of learning" and "Attitude of teacher". 2. The first upper category "Performance of teaching" consisted of three middle categories "Teaching activities", "Learning activities" and "Unfolding of teaching, gathering and transfer". 3. The first and second middle categories "Teaching activities" and "Learning activities" consisted of the four lower categories "Teaching skill", "Communication between a teacher and pupils", "Organization of mutual communication for pupils" and "Pupils' learning". 4. If students fail to find out the categories of the framework by watching the test film after experiences of their trial physical education teaching, it seems that the trial teaching should be improved concerning its methods and contents.
trial teaching
initial teacher training
physical education