Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 1, Learning and curriculum development
Issue 57
Date of Issue:2008-12-26
current number
ISSN : 1346-5546
Publisher : Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
Sakakoshi, Masaki;
Cross-Cultural Understanding and Education : Case Observations in Australia and an Outlook on the Problems
Higuchi, Satoshi;
PP. 17 - 26
The Effects of Parenting Attitudes over Social Skills and the Sense of Well-being in Middle School Students
Aoki, Tazuko; Taniguchi, Kouichi; Takeshima, Asuka; Toda, Mayumi;
PP. 27 - 33
A Study on the Formulation Process of Bruner's Concept of "Scaffolding"
Imai, Yasuharu;
PP. 35 - 42
The Impact on Pupils' Altruistic Attitudes : a Comparison of the Effects of Direct Activity and Indirect Interventions.
Miyasato, Tomoe;
PP. 43 - 50
The Challenge and Perspective about the Studies of Teaching Practice in Japan
Yonezawa, Takashi;
PP. 51 - 58
The Significance of Teachers' Verbal Support for "As if" Drawings by Children
Wakayama, Ikuyo;
PP. 59 - 67
A Case Study on the Effectiveness of the Trial Teaching in Physical Education for the Initial Teacher Training : The elements that students find out through watching the film of teaching in physical education
Kihara, Seiichiro; Hino, Katuhiro; Yonemura, Kohei; Tokunaga, Ryuji; Matuda, Keizi; Iwata, Shotaro;
PP. 69 - 76
A Study of Documents and Records Concerning Science Education Reform in Postwar Japan (IV)
Shiba, Kazumi;
PP. 77 - 86
A Study of Improvement of Physical Education Classes in the Primary Teacher Training Course : Focusing on the hip circle backward
Murai, Jun; Kihara, Seiichiro; Matsuda, Yasusada;
PP. 97 - 105
How Individuals should be in Communication Learning
Taniguchi, Naotaka;
PP. 107 - 114
Queer as Learning of Literature : Possibility of Queer Studies in Japanese language education
Nagata, Mayo;
PP. 115 - 122
The Human Education by Miekichi Suzuki through Guidance of "Tsudurikata" in the "Akaitori" Magazine
Izumo, Toshie;
PP. 123 - 130
The Functions of Local Special Education Center of Special Schools : Organization of networks
Kifune, Noriyuki; Goto, Hiroshi; Ohira, Dan; Ishizaka, Ikuyo; Ohta, Tomio; Notomi, Keiko;
PP. 131 - 136
The Formation and Characteristics of Welfare Philosophy in Ancient China : Ancient welfare philosophy until the times with laws for persons with disabilities
Xiao, Fang;
PP. 137 - 143
The Needs and Challenges for Introduction of Social and Emotional Learning into Japanese School Education
Yamada, Yohei;
PP. 145 - 154