Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 1, Learning and curriculum development Issue 56
2007-12-28 発行

子どもの「社会的慣習」概念の発達に関する研究 : 「状況依存性」に着目して

Study on Development of Children's "social conventiona" Concept : Focus on "contextualizm"
Morikawa, Atsuko
The purpose of this paper is to clarify the subjects in the moral education for considering the old research on "social conventional" concept, and raising a child's normative consciousness. In earlier researches of the morality nature, "social conventional" concept was made into the concept belonging to the same domain as a "moral" concept. However, recently, it was shown clearly by "domain-specific theory" of Turiel that the children had distinguished them from a juvenile term with the domain concept from which quality differs in "social conventional" concept and "moral" concept. The following point became clear by this research based on the theory of Turiel. 1)Development of the "social conventional" concept is related to the fall of a Japanese child's normative consciousness. 2)Instruction according to age levels is required for improvement of normative consciousness. 3)Instruction based on "contextualizm" is required for improvement of normative consciousness. However, the following things were shown as subjects by this research. 1)It is specification of the basis which determines the factor of the "contextualism" judgment over "social convention". And it is creating the decelopmental stage of a Japanese child's original "social conventional" concept. 2)It is developing the method of moral education based on the developmental stage of Japanese child's "social conventional" concept.
Domain-specific theory
Social convention