Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 1, Learning and curriculum development Issue 52
2004-03-28 発行

「思い出のうた」形成過程の分析 : 教育学部生と音楽学部生の比較

An analysis of the formation process of a "memorable song" : A comparative study of students of the department of education and music major students
Nomura, Koji
Koga, Hiroyuki
An inquiry about the aspects involved in the formation process of a "memorable song" was conducted. The purpose was to find out if differences existed in the formation process of a "memorable song" between students majoring in music and students majoring in other subjects. The primary focus of the inquiry was placed on the following four points: 1.The title of a "memorable song", 2.The person associated with the formation process, 3.The place associated with the formation of a memorable song, 4.An Incident, a situation, or a feeling connected to the formation process of a memorable song. After an examination of the four primary points of focus the following facts about a "memorable song" became apparent: a "memorable song" was mostly choral music, it was associated with friends or a teacher, the place connected to the formation process was mostly a school gymnasium or a classroom. Amongst the students not majoring in music, the most frequent incident was a chorus contest associated with a feeling of fulfillment or excitement. Whereas the students majoring in music appeared to connect a "memorable song" with regular classroom circumstances in which they had accompanied a solo artist or a chorus, often associating this incident with a feeling of pride. The timeframe in which the students had formed these memories was mostly the period preceding junior high school graduation. This indicates the importance of music education in junior and senior high school and it's relation to the feelings associated with music later in life. Consequently the selection of appropriate teaching materials should be stressed.
memorable song
the formation process of a "memorable song"
musical education at school
the selection of teaching materials