Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 1, Learning and curriculum development Issue 51
2003-03-28 発行

書写技能の運用能力育成に関する実践的研究 : 技能運用への意識化に向けた取り組みを中心に

Practical research on training of capability which employs calligraphy skill
Taniguchi, Kunihiko
The final purpose of the calligraphy study in an elementary school and a junior high school is employing calligraphy skill in everyday life efficiently. This purpose is not fully achieved yet, although it has not changed from the Meiji era to today. Although it is the factor that there are also few school hours of calligraphy, it is thought that the first factor is in the contents of a lesson unrelated to everyday life. A lesson unrelated to everyday life is a lesson which used only brushes. In everyday life, we are using the pen and only the limited scene uses a brush. Therefore, the study which used the brush is a means for raising the calligraphy skill of a pen to the last, and has not only targeted to raise calligraphy skill with a brush. As for the lesson style to which a brush and a pen are related, the result is expected. However, the efforts do not bear fruit easily. Then, I want to propose raising the capability to employ calligraphy skill in everyday life as one method of solving this problem. The capability to employ the calligraphy skill of a pen is searched for understanding the purpose of the scene which writes a character.
Capability to employ
Calligraphy skill
Relation of a brush and a pen