Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 1, Learning and curriculum development Issue 50
2002-02-28 発行

理科授業の構想にかかわる教師志望学生の知識 : 「もののかさと温度」に関する単元構成を事例として

Prospective Teachers' Knowledge in Planning of Science Teaching : A Case Study on Planning the Unit about "the Volume and the Temperature of Matters"
The purpose of this study was to investigate prospective teachers knowledge in a case of planning science teaching of the unit "the volume and the temperature of matters" : As the results ten viewpoints of their knowledge were extracted, such as the difference of the amount of the volume change of the three matters (air, water and metal), the possibility to perceive the volume change by using one's own senses, the learner's way of thinking, the learner's emotion, familiarity of the matters with learner's life experiences, the ways to experiment and observe on the volume change, and so on. Out of these viewpoints, on one hand, the difference of the amount of the volume change, the possibility to perceive the change by using one's own senses and the possibility to understand the change were considered by many prospective teachers in planning the science teaching. On the other hand, the learner's emotion and the learner's way of think-ing were considered by not so many. This result was considered to represent a character-istic of the prospective teachers who had no experience of teaching science at school. In addition, it was implied that there were some relations between the number and the type of viewpoints considered by the prospective teachers and their plans of the unit.
Planning of Science Teaching
Prospective Teachers' Knowledge