Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 1, Learning and curriculum development Issue 50
2002-02-28 発行

STSアプローチによる高等学校「理科総合A」のカリキュラム開発 : 単元「資源の利用と自然環境」を中心として

Curriculum Development for High School "Integrated Science A" : Through STS Approach Lessons of Unit on a Use of Natural Resources and Natural Environment
Kayano, Akihide
Integrated Science A was set to a new science course of study revised 1998. A teaching module of the "Integrated Science A" was developed and trialed in an attempt to facilitate students' acquisition of the science knowlege related to the environmental issues. It is proposed that STS approach should be implemented in "Integrated Science A" lessons dealing with "Use of Natural Resources and Natural Environment". Through such lessons,the students were deepened their understanding not only on use of energy and development of natural resources but also on protecting of natural environment. In addition,they are encouraged to deepen their STS skills through participation in such class,and eventually to make appropriate decisions to care for the environment.
Curriculum Development
High School
Integrated Science A
STS approach