Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 1, Learning and curriculum development
Issue 50
Date of Issue:2002-02-28
current number
ISSN : 1346-5546
Publisher : Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
What Factors Do Affect Students' Self-Educational Abilities? : Effects of Learning Goals, Causal Attribution, Self-Efficacy, and the Implicit Theory of Intelligence
Mori, Toshiaki; Ishida, Megumu; Shimizu, Masuharu; Tominaga, Mihoko;
PP. 1 - 8
Esquisse for the Theory of Aesthetic or Kansei Education
Higuchi, Satoshi;
PP. 9 - 15
Aibert, Dietrich; Mori, Toshiaki;
PP. 25 - 34
How does writing contribute to learning from text?
Itoh, Masako;
PP. 35 - 44
Determining the Criteria that Can Predict Children's Writing Ability : An Examination of Teachers' and Students' Evaluation of Children's Compositions
Kajii, Yoshiaki;
PP. 45 - 54
Curriculum Development for High School "Integrated Science A" : Through STS Approach Lessons of Unit on a Use of Natural Resources and Natural Environment
Kayano, Akihide;
PP. 55 - 64
A Study on Women's Learning for their Empowerment
Kuzuhara, Ikuko;
PP. 65 - 72
Development of drawing and spatial cognition in young children
Taguchi, Masanori;
PP. 73 - 82
An Examination of the Metacognitive Processes in the Internet Information Retrieval
Yoshioka, Atsuko;
PP. 83 - 90
A study of documents and records concerning science education reform in postwar Japan (I) : Focusing on the CIE films of science education
Shiba, Kazumi;
PP. 91 - 100
A Historical Study of the Theories and Practices of Expository Text Teaching VIII : On The Teaching of "Logic and Rhetoric of Writers" by T. Saigo
Morita, Nobuyoshi;
PP. 101 - 110
Practicing the Thematic Units in the Senior High School Japanese Classroom III
Morita, Nobuyoshi; Kuzuhara, Masako;
PP. 111 - 120
A study of Shimizu's research about arithmetic problems posed by children
Ueda, Atsumi;
PP. 121 - 128
Prospective Teachers' Knowledge in Planning of Science Teaching : A Case Study on Planning the Unit about "the Volume and the Temperature of Matters"
Yamasaki, Takahito;
PP. 129 - 137
A study on the educational activities using computer network in the high-school department of deaf school in Japan
Tanimoto, Tadaaki; Zaitsu, Seiichi;
PP. 139 - 146