Journal of the Graduate School of Biosphere Science, Hiroshima University Volume 56
2017-12-15 発行

日本に定着したサンフィッシュ科魚類3種(ブルーギル,オオクチバス, コクチバス)の寄生虫目録(1962-2017年)

A checklist of the parasites of three species of centrarchids (bluegill, largemouth bass, and smallmouth bass) in Japan (1962-2017)
Information on the metazoan parasites of three species of the family Centrarchidae (bluegill Lepomis macrochirus, largemouth bass Micropterus salmoides, and smallmouth bass Micropterus dolomieu) in Japan is summarized in the Parasite-Host and Host-Parasite lists, based on the literature published for 56 years between 1962 and 2017. These fish species were introduced from the U. S. A. into Japan, where they have widely established. The parasites, including 21 nominal species and subspecies and those not identified to species level, are listed by higher taxa as follows: Myxozoa (no. of nominal and subspecies species: 0), Cestoda (2), Monogenea (6), Trematoda (5), Nematoda (2), Acanthocephala (1), Bivalvia (3), and Copepoda (2). For each parasite species, the following information is given: its currently recognized scientific name; previous identification used for the parasite from centrarchids in Japan; site(s) of infection within or on the host; known geographical distribution in Japanese waters; and the published source of each record. Of the 21 nominal species and subspecies of parasites listed, 12 species are from bluegill, 13 species and subspecies from largemouth bass, and three species from smallmouth bass. The parasites listed consist of both those native to Japan and those introduced from overseas. One species of Cestoda (Proteocephalus fluviatilis) and six species of Monogenea (Actinocleidus fergusoni, Onchocleidus dispar, and Onchocleidus ferox from bluegill; Onchocleidus furcatus, Onchocleidus helicus, and Syncleithrium fusiformes from largemouth bass) are the parasites of North American origin. Two species of Nematoda (Gnathostoma doloresi and Gnathostoma nipponicum) are among human parasites and have been reported from bluegill and largemouth bass, respectively. A human infection by the latter species occurred by eating the raw flesh of a largemouth bass from Japan.
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ブルー ギル
fish parasites
human parasites
largemouth bass
smallmouth bass