Journal of the Graduate School of Biosphere Science, Hiroshima University Volume 55
2016-12-25 発行

種子島沖合における親潮潜流の到達の可能性 : 北太平洋亜寒帯指標種 Neocalanus cristatus(カイアシ類)の出現

Possible westward extension of submerged Oyashio waters to off Tanagashima Island, Kyushu, western Japan: based on the occurrence of the subarctic copepod Neocalanus cristatus
Tanaka, Hayato
Kondo, Yusuke
Uchiumi, Hayato
Hashimoto, Shuichiro
Kataoka, Masashi
Kato, Mikio
Lindsay, Dhugal
Sunahara, Keisuke
The large-sized planktonic copepod Neocalanus cristatus is distributed in the subarctic Pacific Ocean, and also occurs in the submerged Oyashio Current flowing southward along the Pacific side of Japan as pseudopopulations. These have been recorded from 28˚N, 134˚E, suggesting this may be the westernmost and southernmost boundary of the submergence. The present survey implies that the submergence reaches further westwards to off Tanegashima Island, Kyushu (30˚50′N, 131˚30′E) (ca. 300km), based on the occurrence of the fifth copepodid stage of N. cristatus at presumed depths of 600 to 950m.
本研究の一部は日本学術振興会科学研究費(基盤研究C, No.16K07825,代表 大塚 攻)によって行われた。
Neocalanus cristatus
submerged Oyashio
Tanegashima Island