Journal of the Graduate School of Biosphere Science, Hiroshima University Volume 51
2012-12-24 発行


Reform of Agricultural Higher Education in China
Yamatani, Yoji
This article presents the attempts of agricultural higher education reform in China. Same in Japan, the objectives of agricultural higher education in this highly technologically advanced world, are strictly discussed also in China. Because the central government has strong influence over the educational policy of individual school, before entering agricultural education, the general situation of higher education was discussed. After the rapid accomplishment of the massification of higher education in China, new difficult problems same as in advanced countries occurred, such as unemployment of college graduates and student ’poor scholarship. The government is urged to take some measures against these problems. In China, higher educational institutions are classified into three types and “211” specially founded universities have financial priority. Diversification of school type and school characteristic are highly recommended. Cultural educations are also strongly promoted. In agricultural education, establishment of new majors having strong social need are pushed on.