Journal of the Graduate School of Biosphere Science, Hiroshima University Volume 51
2012-12-24 発行

瀬戸内海中央部大三島沖より採集されたトゲヒメミョウガSmilium scorpio(蔓脚目:ミョウガガイ科)

Record of the Smilium scorpio Aurivillius 1892 (Thoracica: Calanticidae) Collected from Off –Omi-shima, the Central Part of Seto Inland Sea, Japan
Kuramochi, Takashi
Koi, Akiko
Kashihara, Katsuhiko
Jadoon, Waqar Azeem
Three specimens of Smilium scorpio Aurivillius, 1892, family Pollicipedidae, was collected from off-Ohmi-shima Island at the depths ranging from 42 m to 44 m, and the species has been known to distribute at the depths of 35-100 m in and south of Kashima-nada Sea, Japan. Collection of the species in the Seto Inland Sea has been reported only from eastern parts of the Seto Inland Sea, i.e., off-Tomogashima, Osaka Bay, and off-Tarumi, Kobe. We hereby report the collection of this species from western part of the Seto Inland Sea, as well as the 18S rRNA gene sequence of the species to be placed in a phylogenetic tree.
トゲヒメミョウガSmilium scorpio
ヒメミョウガSmilium boninense
ミョウガガイ Scalpellum scalpellum
18S rRNA 遺伝子配列
Genus Smilium
Smilium boninense
Scalpellum scalpellum
Smilium scorpio
18S rRNA gene sequence