Journal of the Graduate School of Biosphere Science, Hiroshima University Volume 47
2008-12-20 発行

Occurrence of the parasitic copepod Acanthochondria spirigera (Chondracanthidae) on anglerfish Lophius litulon in the East China Sea off western Japan

東シナ海産キアンコウにおけるトゲナシツブムシAcanthochondria spirigeraの寄生状況
Kubo, Satoshi
Hashimoto, Hiroaki
Anglerfish Lophius litulon (Jordan) caught commercially in the East China Sea off western Japan were found to be infected with the chondracanthid copepod Acanthochondria spirigera Shiino, 1955. Lophius litulon is a new host for this copepod. We made an observation on the occurrence of A. spirigera on anglerfish because the copepods of the genus Acanthochondria cause food hygiene problems at fish markets in Japan. Overall prevalence of infection with A. spirigera was high (71% of 31 fish examined), and one or two copepods were usually found on an infected fish. Their attachment site was the roof and floor of the buccal cavity of the fish. The number of copepods per fish showed an increasing tread with fish size and during the fall months (September to November).
parasitic copepod
Acanthochondria spirigera
new host
Lophius litulon
East China Sea
Acanthochondria spirigera