The journal of social and cultural studies on Asia
Issue 9
Date of Issue:2008-03-31
current number
ISSN : 1346-1567
(The Study Group of Social and Cultural Studies on Asia)
A Study on Family Tomb and Roots in Contemporary Okinawa <Articles>
Ochi, Ikuno;
PP. 1 - 28
Saneatsu Mushanokoji's Wakaki Hi no Omoide <Articles>
Yang, Hsiumei;
PP. 29 - 48
Common Language Education in China <Articles>
Mino, Sonoko;
PP. 49 - 75
Afghanistan Politics and the Changing Principles of National Unity <Articles>
Furukawa, Naoki;
PP. 77 - 113
A Study of Liao Zhai Zhi Yi's Influence on Japanese and Vietnamese Novels <Reports of Source Materials>
Chen, Beinkuen;
PP. 115 - 126
Yasuhiro Matsuda, The Birth of One-Party Dictatorship in Taiwan <Book Reviews>
Kawahara, Erina;
PP. 127 - 132
Duan Rui Cong, Jiang Jieshi and New Life Movement <Book Reviews>
Mizuha, Nobuo;
PP. 133 - 136