The journal of social and cultural studies on Asia
Issue 6
Date of Issue:2005-03-31
current number
ISSN : 1346-1567
(The Study Group of Social and Cultural Studies on Asia)
Development Assistance and Traditional Craft in Bangladesh <Articles>
Okada, Nahoko;
PP. 43 - 73
NAKAMURA Chihei's "Taiyo Seibatsu" and Native Taiwanese Myths <Articles>
Juan, Uen-la;
PP. 75 - 120
Shirami wa Kowai (Lice are Horrible) The Film of Manchuria Cooperative Association <Articles>
Choe, Kilsung;
PP. 121 - 136
Transition of Muhajir in Sindh Province, Pakistan. <Notes on Research>
Kondo, Takahumi;
PP. 137 - 149
Development of Studies on the Ogasawara Islands <Research Trends>
Lee, Kenji;
PP. 151 - 169
A Note on Nogi Shrine in Onomichi <Reports of Source Materials>
Yahata, Kouji;
PP. 171 - 188