The journal of social and cultural studies on Asia
Issue 16
Date of Issue:2015-03-30
current number
ISSN : 1346-1567
(The Study Group of Social and Cultural Studies on Asia)
The Popularization of Buddhist Ceremonies during the T'ang Dynasty (PartⅡ) <Article>
Arami, Hiroshi;
PP. 25 - 45
Special Topics : Area Studies and Cultural studies
Miki, Naotake;
PP. 47 - 48
Short Novels by Roan Ching-Yue and the Politics of Historiography of Homosexual Literature in Taiwan <Article> <Special Topics: Area Studies and Cultural studies>
Miki, Naotake;
PP. 49 - 70
Chinese Style Arranged Marriage in a Film The Park <Notes on Research>
Inaba, Noriyuki;
PP. 95 - 107
LIN Yutang, SUKIGARA Jiro(trans.), My Country and My People <Book Review>
Zhu, Jianjiao;
PP. 109 - 112
RANA Mitte, YOSHIZAWA Seiichiro(trans.), A Bitter Revolution: China Struggle with Modern World <Book Review>
2014's Seminar in East Asian History (MIZUHA Nobuo);
PP. 113 - 117
Park Chung-hee and New Village Movement <Essey on Research>
Choe, Kilsung;
PP. 119 - 128
PP. 129 - 137