The journal of social and cultural studies on Asia
Issue 12
Date of Issue:2011-03-31
current number
ISSN : 1346-1567
(The Study Group of Social and Cultural Studies on Asia)
A Study on Handicraft "Jamdani" and Social Relationship in Bangladesh <Articles>
Okada, Nahoko;
PP. 1 - 29
The Formation and Development of the "Young China" Doctrine : Wang Guangqi's Social Reform Theories in New Cultural Movement Period <Articles>
Nagami, Kazuko;
PP. 31 - 57
Changing Western Sahara Issue and International Society : Toward Independence and Coexistence of the Last "Colony" in Africa <Articles>
Heya, Yuka;
PP. 59 - 80
Japan's ODA to China : Mutual Understandings and News Coverage in China <Notes on Suggestions>
Wang, Kun;
PP. 81 - 96
A Recent Research Trend in Emerging "Taiwanese-ness" <Trends>
Kawahara, Erina;
PP. 97 - 105
A Review of Modern Chinese "Private Society" : In Comparison to Japanese Case <Research Reports>
Mizuha, Nobuo;
PP. 107 - 117
A Brief Sketch on the Study of Modern Chinese Poetry <Small Features>
Miki, Naotake;
PP. 119 - 122
Ai Qing, He Qifang, and Takeda Taijun, Kijima Hajime <Small Features>
Uda, Rei;
PP. 123 - 139
PP. 141 - 157