The journal of social and cultural studies on Asia
Issue 11
Date of Issue:2010-03-31
current number
ISSN : 1346-1567
(The Study Group of Social and Cultural Studies on Asia)
The Encounter with KAGURA <Special Topics>
Yoon, Kwangbong;
PP. 5 - 11
The development of Five dynasties prosimetric literature, judging from the way of rewriting Shunzi bianwen manuscripts <Articles>
Arami, Hiroshi;
PP. 12 - 36
A study of ethinic education in an urban setting of China <Articles>
Jin, Chengzi;
PP. 37 - 57
From "bian" to "bianwen" <Articles>
Takai, Ryu;
PP. 58 - 82
The "madness" in the work of Ryunosuke Akutagawa's "Kappa" <Articles>
Chen, Meichun;
PP. 83 - 107
An Examination over Dalai Lama's Peace Plan and "Cultural-Owning" to Tibet Plateau Region : A Perspective from the Local Religious Practice <Articles>
Bessho, Yusuke;
PP. 108 - 132
Political Grade and Folk Custom in Jiluyu District Mass Mobilization during the Civil War Period <Articles>
Maruta, Takashi;
PP. 133 - 161
Calender and Korea <Notes on Research>
Choe, Kilsung;
PP. 162 - 166
The influences of Dunhuang bianwen on the later Chinese story-telling huaben, which was reserached from "Qingpingshantang Huaben" <Notes on Research>
Xu, Ming;
PP. 167 - 179
Zhang Yongquan, Dunhuang jingbu wenxian heji
Arami, Hiroshi;
PP. 180 - 184
A Book Review: Two Books about Political History of 20th Century China
Mizuha, Nobuo;
PP. 189 - 194
Yun Guanbon, Japanese Shinto and Kagura
Yoon, Sanghan;
PP. 195 - 200
PP. 201 - 217