The Annual of research on early childhood
Volume 43
Date of Issue:2021-10-15
current number
ISSN : 0388-3078
Publisher : Research Institute of Early Childhood Education
Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Hiroshima University
Special Issue Articles
The Effect of Early Childhood Education Advisor Visits: Longitudinal Study over Three Years
SHIMIZU, Hisayo; HAMADA, Shoko; UEYAMA, Rutsuko; SUGIMURA, Shinichiro;
PP. 5 - 13
An Analysis of the Content and Type of Advice in Early Childhood Education Advisors’ Comments
SUGIMURA, Shinichiro; UEYAMA, Rutsuko; HAMADA, Shoko; SHIMIZU, Hisayo;
PP. 15 - 23
The Effect of Continuous Visits by Early Childhood Education Advisors: Based on the analysis of the advisor’s visit report
UEYAMA, Rutsuko; SUGIMURA, Shinichiro; SHIMIZU, Hisayo; HAMADA, Shoko;
PP. 25 - 34
What Does the Early Childhood Education Advisor Visitation Accomplish for Teachers and Facilities?
TAJIMA, Miho; NAKATSUBO, Fuminori;
PP. 35 - 46
The Relationship between Early Childhood Education Advisor Visitation and Childcare Quality
NANAKIDA, Atsushi;
PP. 47 - 54
Original Articles
How automatic thoughts among mothers raising young children influence their parenting style: focusing on mindfulness as a mediator
UEHARA, Maiko; SHIMIZU, Hisayo;
PP. 57 - 62
Possibilities and Challenges Identified in Early Childhood Education and Care Using Teleconferencing System Tools During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Picture Book Reading and Cultivation Activities for Classes of Three-year-olds
TAJIMA, Miho; WATANABE, Maho; HAMANA, Kiyoshi; SAKAI, Aiichiro; NAKATSUBO, Fuminori;
PP. 63 - 72
Transformation Process of Kindergarten Teacher’s Consciousness of Child Care Practice after Child Care Experience: A Qualitative Analysis of Interview with Kindergarten Teachers Using TEM
TANAKA, Fumiaki; NANAKIDA, Atsushi;
PP. 73 - 81
Children’s use of intrinsic reference frames in a reconstruction task
ZHENG, Xiaolin; SUGIMURA, Shinichiro;
PP. 83 - 90
Relation between Parenting styles and Social support as well as Child-rearing feelings: Focusing on Parenting Styles type
MORIOKA, Madoka; SHIMIZU, Hisayo;
PP. 91 - 96
A Study on the Development of Resilience during Early Childhood: Focusing on the awareness of Nursery Teachers
LIU, Mei; NANAKIDA, Atsushi;
PP. 97 - 104