The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 42
2020-10-10 発行

大正,昭和初期における先住民アイヌの子育てと保育 : ジョン・バチラー,バチラー八重子による平取幼稚園と日曜学校を中心に

Child Rearing and Early Childhood Education and Care of Indigenous Ainu in the Taisyo Period and Early Showa Era: Focusing on the Biratori Kindergarten and Sunday School founded by John and Yaeko Batchelor
In the Taisyo Period and Early Showa Era, Japanese indigenous Ainu school age students were under the assimilation policy of the government. They were also restricted from using the Ainu language and discriminated against by Japanese students at school. This study focused on traditional Ainu child rearing and the early childhood education and care at the Biratori Kindergarten and Sunday School founded by John and Yaeko Batchelor. We attempted to identify the contents and purpose of the establishment of these schools by using historical documents, the Batchelors’ writings, and interviews with those who attended the school. Our findings were as follows: 1) Ainu and Japanese children played together; 2) Ainu language and culture were not restricted but used for children’s education at Biratori Kindergarten and Sunday School. Thus, we concluded that John and Yaeko Batchelor hoped that Ainu and Japanese children would understand each other in their early years during a time period that was hard for the Ainu people.
本研究はJSPS 科研費JP17K18643の助成を受けたものです。
John Batchelor
Yaeko Batchelor
Biratori Kindergarten
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