The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 40
2018-10-19 発行

第2子を持つ親子のための子育て支援プログラムの構築 : 東広島市子育て支援センターとの協同から

Construction of Childcare Support Program for two-children families: From Cooperation with Higashi-Hiroshima City Childcare Support Centers
Tsugawa, Noriko
Tomita, Masako
Mori, Yoriko
Zhou, Xinhui
Motooka, Mihoko
The purpose of this study was to construct a childcare support program for the families who have two children to bring up. With the assistance of Higashi-Hiroshima city and childcare support centers, members from early childhood education research facility in Hiroshima University built up the program. In this program, it is demanded that the supporters draft the program while being conscious of four times, specifically approach-time, core-time, free-time and feedback-time. And this program also has four main components including topics, leaflet, picture books and reflection sheets. According to the practice, supporters can not only grow up with mothers and children by making use of their childcare specialty, but also can build a relationship of mutual trust with the participants. Besides, the support of the high quality is maintained by the collaboration of Higashi-Hiroshima city and childcare support centers and Hiroshima University.
families with two children
childcare support program
childcare support center
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