The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 40
2018-10-19 発行

幼稚園児の音楽的表現における身体的な動きの要素の変容 : リズムの活動を中心とした音楽的表現の定量的分析を通して

Changes in elements of body movement in musical expression of kindergarten children: Through a quantitative analysis of musical expression mainly including rhythmic activity
Sano, Mina
The purpose of this study is to quantitatively analyze the characteristics of the elements of movement in the musical expression of kindergarten children during musical experience centered on rhythm in the practical process of MEB (Musical Expression Bringing up) program created by the author. MEB program consists of four phases of activities to recognize musical elements in early childhood. In this study, F kindergarten children and Y kindergarten children with different childcare forms participated in the music test devised by the author, and the first and second phases’ activities practice. The children participated in motion analysis through 3D motion capture by the activity phase of the MEB program (n =73). The correlation between the music test result of the participant children and the MVN measurement result was analyzed. As a result, regarding the elements of movement, a significant difference was observed in the activity phase factor over the age factor. Furthermore, it was found that a correlation between recognition of musical elements and movement in musical expression was observed in the moving distance and the moving acceleration regarding the hand.
MEXT/JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 16K04579
motion capture
musical expression
rhythmic activity
quantitative analysis
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