The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 38
2016-10-17 発行

青年期女子の自己教育力を規定する要因の検討 : 居場所意識との関連性から

Factors related to self-educability in Female Adolescents : From the viewpoint of the psychological function of “Ibasho”
Shibasaki, Miwa
Shibasaki, Yoshinori
This study was made in order to clarify the relationship between self-educability and the psychological function of “Ibasho”. Participants (99 college students who specialized preschool education) completed a questionnaire. Results indicated that self-affirmative feeling had an influence on 4 dimensions of self-educability, interest in learning subjects, self-directed thinking, skillfulness of learning method, and independence. On the other hand, we comfirmed the negative effects of mental stability on self-directed thinking, independence, and influence of freedom from others on self-actualization. The result was discussed from the viewpoint of self-esteem, social support, cognition of rival, and close friendship.
Psychological function of Ibasho
Female adolescents
self-affirmative feeling
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