The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 37
2015-10-15 発行

保育者による省察と実践力の認知との関連 : クラスター分析を用いたグループ間の比較 <資料>

Relationships between nursery teachers’ reflection and perception of practical skills : Comparison of reflection pattern by cluster analysis <Short report>
Ueyama, Rutsuko
This study aimed to reveal the difference between reflection patterns of nursery teachers by cluster analysis, and examined the relationships between reflection patterns and the teachers’ perception of practical skills.As reflection is an important cognitive skill in early childhood education and care, analysis that considers both individual differences and group characteristics is necessary. A questionnaire survey was conducted among 434 nursery teachers. Cluster analysis revealed 7 subtypes of reflection pattern. And the 7 subtypes were categorized into three groups:low, middle, and high. On comparing the reflection patterns in the three groups, even if the frequency of the reflection was at the same level, characteristics regarding targets or the level of reflection were different. In relationships between the perception of practical skills and reflection, differences in the target or level of reflection were associated with behavioral aspects regarding how one reacts to children. We concluded that in conferences and during training it may be possible to examine specific teaching efforts according to individuals’ reflection patterns.
practical skills
nursery teachers
cluster analysis
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