The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 37
2015-10-15 発行

障害のある子どもをもつ母親と父親の子育て意識に関する比較研究 : フォーカス・グループ・インタビューによる質的分析 <研究論文>

A comparative study of child-nurturing considerations of mothers and fathers of children with disabilities : Qualitative Analysis by Focus Group Interview <Research papers>
Matsui, Gota
The purpose of this study was to examine the important aspects of the support of children with disabilities from the perspective of their mothers and fathers. A focus group method was used to interview the mothers and fathers of six families separately. The interview data were analyzed according to aspects addressed during the focus group interview. Eight categories were considered important by mothers (“pleasure of my child’s life now,” “influence arising from the behavior of others,” “worry of brothers and sisters,” “gratitude for institutional support,” “respite care,” “difficulty of gathering information,” “not letting father do the housework,” and “support from brothers and sisters”). Six categories were considered important by fathers (“worry about the future of the child,” “sports that father plays,” “dissatisfaction with institutional support,” “respite care for my wife,” “I feel that I should not do housework,” and “work-life balance”). Three complementary results were found. First, mothers consider the “now” while fathers consider “the future” of the child. Second, mothers are “grateful” while fathers are “dissatisfied” with institutional support. Third, both mothers and fathers consider that fathers “must not do housework.”
なお,本研究は,平成21~23年度文部科学省科学研究費補助金基盤研究(B)(課題番号21402045 代表 七木田敦)の補助を受けて行われたものである。
Children with Disabilities
Child- nurturing
Focus Group Interview
Family System Theory
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