The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 37
2015-10-15 発行

青年期における居場所意識とレジリエンスとの関連 : 女子大学生を対象とした検討 <研究論文>

Resilience and a Sense of Ibasho in adulthood : A study to female college subjects <Research papers>
Shibasaki, Miwa
Yoshimura, Junko
This study examined whether comprehension of “ibasho” (a Japanese term describing a sense of belonging) had a causal influence on the resilience of female college students. We viewed “ibasho” from two perspectives, “sense of authenticity” and “sense of self-usefulness,” and examined the relationships between these two elements of “ibasho” and positive emotions with family, college friends, and friends outside college that influenced the resilience of the subjects. The results indicated that female college students had a sense of authenticity and self-usefulness, as well as positive emotions in all their relationships. In relationships with college friends, sense of authenticity had the most positive effect on resilience and psychological function in “ibasho.” Sense of authenticity enhanced resilience, especially in relationships with college friends. There was also a correlation between sense of self-usefulness and positive future orientation in relationships with friends outside college. In family relationships, neither sense of authenticity nor sense of self-usefulness was related to resilience. Furthermore, positive emotions with college friends played a critical role in enhancement of resilience.
female college student
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