The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 36
2014-09-30 発行

異なる保育形態における幼児の拍感の形成過程に関する分析 : 音楽的表現育成プログラムの第2段階の活動を中心に <原著論文>

The Analysis Concerning the Process of the Pulse Formation of the Young Children in the Different Childcare Form : Mainly on the Second Phase’s Activity in Musical Expression Upbringing Program <Original work paper>
Sano, Mina
The purpose of this study is to extract the characteristics about the pulse formation of the young children through the analysis in the practical process of the musical expression upbringing program that an educational effect was seen in the different childcare form. Therefore I practiced the musical expression upbringing program in K nursery school where was in the different childcare form and carried out the music test before and after the practice. As a result, musical expression as concrete role playing with the recognition of pulse of music was seen in K nursery school for every time. But, the representation of the song text firstly appeared and the process of the pulse formation occurred with expression as the movement in U nursery school. The process of pulse formation was seen in both K nursery school and Unursery school as musical expression. Furthermore, I carried out a quantitative analysis of the result of the music test which was taken by the children for three times in 2011, 2012 and 2013 and found out that the development of the score concerning K nursery schoolers was significantly higher than other nursery schoolers’ score. From these results, I thought that the musical expression upbringing program encouraged the recognition of musical elements of the young children.
MEXT/JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 25381102
qualitative analysis
quantitative analysis
the musical expression upbringing program
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