The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 35
2013-07-31 発行

保育所における発達障害のある幼児への巡回相談に関する研究 <原著論文>

A Study of Itinerant Consultation for Child with Developmental Difficulties in Day Nursery <Original work paper>
Ohno, Ayumi
The purpose of this study is to examine what kind of role has itinerant consultation played for child with developmental difficulties in day nursery. For examining this problem, this paper described the situation of the observation about the child in day nursery and the contents of debate with the child-care worker in round consultation. The results showed that the consultation has affected the following points: (1) the expansion of a view to child-care worker’s for subject, (2) construction of cooperation with a child-care worker and a home, (3) formation of a child-care worker’s confidence. Based on these results, in consultation, these points will become important: How does a consultant constitute a child-care worker’s dynamic state? How is the dialog that a consultant pulls out a child-care worker’s dynamic state performed? However, we must recognize that a child-care worker’s dynamic always flows by the variable which surround different various children Therefore, a consultant is asked that set focusing on a child, overhaul each situations and subjects about many dynamic situations which surround the circumference, and ties up the contents of debate toward the three above-mentioned points.
Child with Developmental Difficulties
Day Nursery
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