The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 35
2013-07-31 発行

認定こども園におけるカリキュラムの現状と今後の展望 <原著論文>

The Curriculum for Early Childhood Education and Care Centers : Current Situation and Future Hopes <Original work paper>
Etchu, Koji
Wakabayashi, Sumino
Matsui, Gota
Kusumoto, Chisato
Fujiki, Daisuke
Ueda, Nao
Nagao, Fumie
Yamazaki, Akira
The aim of the present research is to clarify the current curriculum used by early childhood education and care centers. To achieve this objective, questionnaire surveys were carried out at the early childhood education and care centers in Japan. The results revealed that (1) about 10% of all centers still do not have a curriculum, (2) only 30% of childcare workers are involved in the creation of a curriculum, and (3) over 10% of childcare workers participate in childcare activities without awareness of the curriculum. To ensure and enhance the quality of early childhood education and care, in addition to having a thorough awareness of the curriculum, childcare workers should be encouraged to participate in creating the curriculum.
early childhood education and care center
integration of kindergarten and nursery school
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