The Annual of research on early childhood Volume 34
2012-07-31 発行

就学前施設における動物介在教育に関する研究 : オーストリア・グラーツ市の事例より <原著論文>

The Study about Animal Assisted Education in Early Childhood Facility : The example of Graz in Austria <Original work paper>
Iino, Yuki
Ohno, Ayumi
The purpose of this study is to verify about the animal assisted education at the institution of early childhood education in Austria Graz. The advanced nation which urbanization and the trend toward the nuclear family are accelerating, relation between people and an animal is being focused as a method of solving health, welfare and educational problem. While making such a situation into a background, HAB (Human Animal Bound) was shown as an international principle. Furthermore, concrete activity like AAA (Animal Assisted Activity), AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy) and AAE (Animal Assisted Education) has been widespread. Especially, Austria has achieved the advanced result about AAE. Then, this research focused on the practice which used AAE at the institution of early childhood education in Austria, and examined a philosophy and the situation of practice about it. The kindergarten which was applied by this research has carried out horse-riding and interaction with dogs as AAE. The purposes of AAE are therapy to the child with disability, and the support to the child who speaks other languages. Finally, it was shown that AAE of Austria gives implication in language education to early childhood education of our country
Early Childhood Education
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